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6. Share happy moments, Express happy feelings 楽しい瞬間をシェアしよう


YouTubeの動画チャンネルEnglish Singsingより。

Share happy moments, Express happy feelings「幸せの瞬間を共有、うれしい気持ちを表現しよう」です。それぞれ役割を決めてストーリーに合わせてロールプレイをしながら英語を学びましょう!動画の最初では、会話の見本が流れ、その後、会話の部分の音が消えますので、字幕テロップに沿って英語を話してみましょう!

Anne: Our group project was really successful!
Jessica: I was so happy when the teacher complimented it.
Olivia: Yes. I was so happy too!
Jessica: But, Anne, it looks like you have been happy all day! Why is that?
Olivia: I know, I felt the same too!
Anne: Shhh! This is a secret! I got a love letter today!
Jessica: Wow, Anne. Really? It’s awesome! I envy you.
Anne: I was quite surprised in the beginning, but it felt really good later.
Olivia: Congratulations! Who did you get it from?
Anne: It just says ‘H’ here.
Olivia: H? Anne, isn’t that your crush ‘Henry’ in another class?
Anne: Shhh. Olivia! Someone might listen!!
Jessica: Anne, you are blushing!
Anne: Ugh… Nope nope! I’m just too shy for this.
Olivia: Anyways, good for you, Anne!
Anne: Ugh oh.. It’s raining!
Jessica: I knew it would rain today! I brought my umbrella.
Olivia: me too!
Anne: We are the lucky girls!