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18. Pajama party (パジャマパーティー)


YouTubeの動画チャンネルEnglish Singsingより。

Pajama Party「パジャマ・パーティー:」です。それぞれ役割を決めてストーリーに合わせてロールプレイをしながら英語を学びましょう!動画の最初では、会話の見本が流れ、その後、会話の部分の音が消えますので、字幕テロップに沿って英語を話してみましょう!


Jessica: How do you feel guys? I‘m so excited!
Anne: Haha Jessica! Me too!
Olivia: There goes a countdown!
Audio(Woman): 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Everyone: (speak loudly) 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Anne: Happy NEW year!
Jessica&Olivia: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Jessica: I don’t think I can fall asleep tonight. How should we start our new day?
Anne: Why don’t we share our new year plans?
Olivia: My new year’s goal is to read 10 books every month! And if it’s possible, I want to write a fairy tale book.
Jessica: Sounds awesome Olivia! If you write a fairy tale book, I will be your first reader!
Olivia: Thank you!

Jessica: I have a really great plan this year. Why don’t you guys come with me?
Olivia: A great plan? What is it?
Jessica: I’m going to be in a bike camp. And I will travel all over the country.
Anne: WOW! I want it too! A trip with you guys! It’s one of my dreams!
Olivia: I want it too… But do you think we can make it?
Anne: Don’t worry Olivia! If we work together, we can do this!
Olivia: Hmm…
Anne: Come on Olivia~ Please~
Jessica: Please~~
Olivia: Alright alright. But only if my parents allow me..
Anne: Yay! Awesome! I think this new year will be a full of fun and excitement!
Jessica: yea me too! Happy new year again guys!