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17. John’s daily life (ジョンの毎日の生活)


YouTubeの動画チャンネルEnglish Singsingより。

John’s daily life「ジョンの日々の生活」です。それぞれ役割を決めてストーリーに合わせてロールプレイをしながら英語を学びましょう!動画の最初では、会話の見本が流れ、その後、会話の部分の音が消えますので、字幕テロップに沿って英語を話してみましょう!


John: I’m going to study hard from today. Do not disturb me
Anne: Yay yea… Please do it.
John: So, I will wake up at six and jog for an hour.
Anne: At 6 AM? Aren’t you a sleepyhead?
John: If I plan it, I do it.
Anne: Alright. Move on.
John: yes. Have a breakfast at 7, and go to school at 8.
Anne: Alright. And you have classes from 9 to 4, right? What’s after school?
John: Do school homeworks for 2 hours from 4 PM… Read a book from 6 to 8…
Anne: What? John, when are you having dinner?
John: Ohhhh that’s right! Dinner time at 6. And from 7 to 9, I will read a science magazine.
Anne: (Speak with no concern) That’s a good plan John….
John: From 9… Hm… Computer game! I will just play for one hour! And I will go to bed at 10. Tada! How is it?
Anne: (Speak with no concern) If you follow them all, it will be splendid!
John: Of course! I’ll start from now on.