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19. Pets(ペット)比較表現


YouTubeの動画チャンネルEnglish Singsingより。



Olivia: Oh John! It’s great to see you here!
John: Hi Olivia! Is that your adorable dog?
Olivia: Yep. Her name is Sophie.
John: It’s so cute. What type?
Olivia: Poodle. Do you want to hold it?
John: (freaking out) No! I’m good. I just like to watch it.
Olivia: Haha. Are you scared of dogs? Sophie will never bite you.
John: (freaking out) OHHHH. No thanks (sniff)
Olivia: Alright~

John: What’s happening to her?
Olivia: Wow, what an adorable kitty! It is lovely!
John: Do you like a cat too?
Olivia: Of course! I’m an animal lover. But I like dogs more than cats. Cats are clean and lovely, but they are too independent. So I prefer dogs more which are friendlier. What about you?
John: I agree. Animals are lovely. Both dogs and cats. But that’s not all.
Olivia: What? what do you mean?
John: actually, I have an allergy. ACHOO!
Olivia: Oh, I’m so sorry! I see why!
John: That’s why, I like plants more than animals.
Olivia: Plants? like what?
John: One of my favorite plants is the one that eats bugs! An insect eating plant! An insect eating plant opens its mouth and when a fly goes in, it closes its mouth.
Olivia: No way John. You are lying, aren’t you? I’ve never heard of it.
John: If you can’t believe it, come with me!
Olivia: Oh really? Great!